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Where did money go? Bank deposits drop in the growth rate in the first quarter

entered in April, the Bank released first-quarter this year. Continued profit growth fell late last year at the same time, more banks worried falling deposit growth was found in a large area. So, the question: where did money go?

deposit growth slowdown

as of yesterday, the 16 listed Bank, Minsheng Bank, China CITIC Bank, ping an Bank, Bank of Beijing and Bank of Ningbo published a quarterly report.

from net profit, apart from CITIC Bank net profit growth of only 2.07%, and the remaining 4 net profit growth over 10%, which revealed yesterday Beijing Bank's net profit grew 16% performance report, Bank of Ningbo was 16.1%.

, however, this does not mean that the days were really relaxed. Beijing Morning Post reporter disclosed in Bank earnings reports seen deposit growth common to drop sharply. Minsheng Bank earnings reports showed that deposits totalling 2.45 trillion yuan in the first quarter, up 0.06% from deposits early this year, while last year the figure was 5.11%. Peace grew 2.95% total bank deposits this year, however, in stark contrast is that growth rates of up to 13.6% last year.

indeed, slowing deposit growth has become common in the banking industry. After the Central Bank released data showing March outstanding renminbi deposits in late 124.89 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.1% and growth respectively over the end of last month, and the lower at the end of last year and 0.8 2%. RMB deposits increased by 4.15 trillion yuan in the first quarter, compared with 1.64 trillion yuan in less. There are exceptions, however, Bank of Ningbo quarterly results showed yesterday, the bank deposits of 14.05% per cent, 4% per cent increase compared to last year.

stock market boom increased the range Rover stored-pressure

"decline in bank deposits, and the stock market boom has much to do. "Guo tianyong, Director of banking Research Center, China Central University of finance and outspoken first quarter   bull market appears greatest impact on bank deposits.

data show that last week of March alone, added stock accounts reached 1.6693 million new shares, the fifth week, rose, approaching created in May 2007 all-time high. "Accounts in money stock, an account of 10,000 yuan, 1 million accounts have 10 billion into the stock market, this figure is not to be discounted. "Guo tianyong said.

"don't say money, even financial products this year and the competition is fierce, the bull market increases pressure on banks hold reserve. "A bank insiders told the Beijing morning news reporter confessed that although Bank financing products yields downward trend is expected, but bank financial yields and is not the bull market attract too much money down.

Minsheng Bank Chief Economist, said Wen Bin, base money supply slowed, regulatory reorganization of interbank deposits, correcting deviation of deposits, is the reason for decline in bank deposits.

banks standing at the crossroads of the transformation of

deposits more difficult, banks were forced to stand at the crossroads of transformation.

indeed, bank restructuring has begun. Bank of Beijing chose to speed up the process of Internet, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with millet company, layout of mobile payment; and Minsheng Bank continued with small, community of "two strategies" and plates layout direct the Bank and the people's livelihood.

"if we want to rely on deposits in banks make a profit, I am afraid, is no longer the. "Wen Bin said the Bank now has to integrated management, application for more license to do business and raise the level of risk control, more non-interest income.



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