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April CPI figures tomorrow looking growth rebound forecast cut rates in May

tomorrow, the national statistical office will publish April national consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index of industrial production (PPI). Integrated organizations forecast April CPI growth is expected to rebound, several institutions maintain a neutral loose monetary policy is expected in May there will be an interest rate cut this year, some even May is expected to be heading for a fall.

traffic Bank Chief economists draws think, in general sound of tone Xia, future cut or not main depends on economic run situation: If economic run missing improved, PPI down pressure not reduction, cut will again appeared; in Exchange accounted for paragraph continued downturn, and General currency M2 growth partial low, and based currency exists larger gap of situation Xia, coupled with for tie place Government bonds issued, and increased funds supply, Reserve the possibility of a further cut. &Nbsp;

in fact, 2015, China's economic growth target is a 7%. Wang ran, and, said Qu Hongbin, an economist at HSBC in Hong Kong, if policies are too little too late, the risk is likely to see a substantive rebound in the third quarter, giving annual GDP poses more risk. They expect the Central Bank will cut interest rates again by 25 basis points in the quarter, and the Central Bank is likely to take action earlier rather than later.



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