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Hefei will launch a "revolution" of subsidized loans

yesterday held in Hefei city housing accumulation Fund Management Committee at its 13th meeting, the housing Provident Fund management, through the city centre on the handling of the "revolution" report on subsidized loans. So, the city's "revolution" discount loans will be put on the agenda, and to ease the city's Provident Fund loan queue for too long because of the financial strain.

"revolution" of subsidized loans, refers to the housing Provident Fund Management Centre, in cooperation with the host Bank, housing Provident Fund money in short supply, approved by both the Centre and the host banks agree that by hosting the Bank commercial personal housing loan and commercial loan interest rate higher than that of Provident Fund loans interest rates interest rate spread from housing subsidies. And when the Fund liquidity tensions ease, the "revolution" subsidized loans will generally be closed to maintain the housing accumulation Fund usage.

reportedly, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Xuzhou, Changzhou City has already carried out "revolution" discount loan business, Tongling, Wuhu, has also carried out within the province, in alleviating the housing accumulation Fund financial pressures, have achieved good results. As the provincial capital of Hefei city, the real estate market booming, housing accumulation Fund loan applications have been larger. From July 1 of last year, municipal housing fund management center has implemented loan origination the waiting system. Although this reduces the city's housing accumulation fund liquidity risk, but also caused the backlog of Provident Fund loans.

, in my city "revolution" discount loan is imperative. It is reported that the next municipal housing fund management center will work to develop "revolution" administrative measures on subsidized loans, eligibility criteria, credit availability, the highest loan amount, loan term, loan payments and other operating details for further investigation. Reporters learned that first suite, the improvement of housing is expected to be high on the "revolution" range of subsidized loans to support.



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