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Hefei's first mainstream preferential mortgage rates silence the local benchmark interest rate

thought "meant" Hefei first mortgage interest credit, under the background of the interest rate cut to drift away, I'm afraid. Yesterday, some analysts issued the mortgage market report November 2014 China, displayed the first mortgage interest rates have already fallen for 5 consecutive months, a record low. However, in view of the recent Central Bank abruptly announced rate cuts, equivalent to mortgage rates hit 94 percent, so buyers who look forward to the first mortgage interest rate discounts probably will be tightened.

according to related financial platform research thoroughly the 32 major cities nationwide to nearly 500 banks, samples for analysis after the release of the report. According to 930 is now about 60% of National Bank mortgage deal, national prime rate accounted for a 2014 years. From the national home loan average interest rate level, although in the first half of this year, rising to a peak in June, but obviously had begun to turn down in the second half, and in November fell to the lowest of the year. Analysts believe that under the influence of Central Bank rate cut in December, average interest rates to new lows is a foregone conclusion.

"five-year commercial loan interest rate from 6.55% to 6.15%, is equivalent to contact national mortgage customers by 94 percent. "As far as mortgage experts, though in first-tier cities and parts of two or three cities, already discounted first mortgage interest rates and gradually increased, but this cut makes banks spreads to narrow further, it is expected that the further decline in Bank loans during the year interest rates will narrow. "Nationally, further decline in mortgage interest rates, is expected to appear until early next year, the minimum lending rate is expected to fall to or below 90 percent. "

judging from Hefei, because Hefei housing inventory is low stress, banks has not been on the first mortgage customers interest rate discounts, benchmark interest rates is the mainstream, individual banks as well as small floating. National Bank lowered mortgage interest rates narrow context, bankers expect mortgage discounts may occur in the short term will not be "visible".




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