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Hefei: social security, traffic violations or into your credit record

nowadays, credit history and everyone's life is closely linked to the, and the future, the public, Enterprise, bad behavior is likely to be recorded in the credit report.

on October 26 at the Hefei city government the 38th Executive meeting, the social credit system construction in Hefei city planning (2014-2020), which was passed by the principle, personal identity number and organization in the future code or uniform social credit were to become citizens and organization codes, social security contributions, tax situation, are likely to become part of a personal credit record traffic violations.

plan ID number or citizens ' credit code

in future, your credit history will be linked with the ID card. According to the plan, provincial social credit system construction and operation will focus on individuals, businesses, government agencies and social organizations, the three principal collecting credit information. Personally, will speed up the establishment identification number for citizens based on the unified code of social credit system.

like corporate executives, self-employed, professional and technical personnel, as well as civil servants and State-owned enterprises and workers, such as people's personal credit information is collect, integrate, form a personal credit history report, "can be used legally according to the rules provided. "

enterprises will also be based on organizational codes of legal persons and other organizations a unified code of social credit, the city will build a unified credit information publicity system of market players. The Government will also establish a unified platform of public credit.

social insurance and traffic law or into the credit record

tax, social security, credit records of traffic violations may be part of the "integrated financial, industrial and commercial registration, tax, social security contributions, traffic violations and other credit information to establish the underlying database; according to the credit standards and credit code, recording, collecting, Update credit information on individuals and institutions. "

Hefei city development and Reform Commission, the relevant personnel," Hefei credit network ", business credit database, individual credit database, financial credit information database and public credit information integrated platform is an important platform for service related queries you can" credit Hefei network ".

effects to apply for civil service depends on your credit record, such as

qualification in provincial government departments (fluid) examination and determination of public resources, market access, trade, special financial arrangements, allocation of social housing, civil service examination and employment areas such as using credit products and services. Credit can also be used in enterprises and individuals in purchasing, product marketing, project contracting, commercial activities such as outward investment, bidding and executive recruitment.

day-to-day management and public services, business activities, and trustworthy person can enjoy priority, streamline the process, "green passage" offers. Credit will explore joint disciplinary.

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