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Business mortgage loan

Business mortgage loan

amount: 5 million lines of
range: 10.00~500.00 million
deadline: December
the term scope: monthly 6-60 months
: 434480
repayment method: installment
total cost: 213,800 Yuan loan
time: 15 business days (approval for 5 working days) costs
Description: reference month 0.65% 

application conditions
1, and age conditions: 22-60 age
2, and water conditions: half water over loan amount
3, and credit conditions: credit normal
4, and property conditions: age in 15 years within of full paragraph room (personal housing, and shops, and fa├žade are can), according to housing assessment value of 70% mortgage, late can expanded mortgage rate
5, and other important conditions: license need 1 years above, credit records good


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